Why You'll Hire Us

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We've been down this road enough times to know that you didn't come here to listen to us talk about what we've done for other businesses.

You want to know...

...How are we different than the last guy?
...Why should you trust us with your reputation?
...What we do differently to solve business problems?
...Why you'll pay us more than you were expecting?

Sorry to break it to you but your situation isn't unique.

You're here because all those you've worked with previously didn't deliver what you need. Nothing's really got better, it was just different, and you never got received what you expected, needed, or were promised.

You want results that matter from your marketing partner. Full fucking stop!

Marketing is fucking difficult.

Your typical 'Marketing Professional' is a big part of the problem; The inexperienced ones don't know what marketing is supposed to do, and simply try to yell louder than your competition, while the ones who should know better often focus on what delivers the biggest profits for them.

Both groups know that you have a "best before date" that's usually between eighteen and twenty-four months. At that point you're fed up of the results and you start looking for answers to the questions you have.

Maybe that's why you are here?

The honeymoon is over and you're left wondering what you ever saw in their 'solution' in the first place. You haven't got to where you thought you'd be and the shine of the work that has been done has long lost its sparkle.

You feel like you're back at square one, more frustrated and lost than you were the last time you faced these kinds of issues.

Maybe you feel that digital marketing isn't for you?

You've done everything that has been recommended; Blogging, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Your products/services are the best, and your customer testimonials kick ass, but you still feel like you're not firing on all cylinders.

When the rubber meets the road you want results, and you expect your marketing partner to help get you into gear and moving towards your destination.

Digital marketing, like most things in life, requires a plan so you know where you're going, and the route you're taking to get there. For City Sidewalk, that plan is equivalent to a map you'd use for taking a road trip.  Your business goals are the destination, and all the tools you use to get there are like gas stations along the way. Your business may use one route, while someone else will use another. The route you take, and the things you see and do on your trip are tactics. Unfortunately, some businesses, and too many marketing consultants, confuse tactics with strategy, which is why many businesses get lost and find themselves broken down in the middle of "Butt Crack Nowhere".

Maybe digital marketing just isn't for you, or your business? Caca del Toro!

Understanding Marketing's Purpose

Marketing is not about the products or services you sell, marketing is your promise to help eliminate your customers' pain.

When push comes to shove, your customers don't give a shit about you or the products and services you're offering. They don't care about your flashy new website is, or how big your logo is. All they care about is whether or not you can eliminate the pain they are experiencing. You do that, you win. You do that consistently, you keep winning.

What's Your Pain?

Maybe the blister on your heel is a lack of consistent quality leads, maybe you have shitty conversion rates, perhaps your brand is virtually invisible, possibly poor search rankings, not enough content, an overabundance of inexperience, no defined strategy, too much competition, not enough competition, maybe a combination of these?

Regardless, we all want value from those we hire to help us out, and we all measure value the same way; the price we pay to eliminate the pain.

It's why you're here, isn't it? ...to eliminate your pain?

What do you want from City Sidewalk?

A new website?  A sexy new logo? A digital marketing strategy? Graphic design services? Social Media engagement? Search Engine Optimization?

You're delusional, what you want is peace of mind.

It's why you'll hire us, and what you'll get.

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