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We've been down this road enough times to know that you didn't come here to listen to us talk about what we've done for other businesses.

You want to know...

...How are we different from the last guy?
...Why should you trust us with your business?
...What do we do differently to solve business problems?
...Why you'll pay us more than you were expecting?

Why are you here?

You're here because what you've done so far has not delivered what you need. Nothing has really improved, and you never got received what you expected, needed, or were promised.

You want results that matter. Full fucking stop!

Why is your marketing failing?

Many small business marketing teams try to yell louder than their competition.  Many marketing 'professionals' suggest following the latest trends to capture an audience's attention. Others just want another flashy project that they can add to their portfolio.  A few just offer solutions that deliver the biggest profits and the least amount of work for them.

Many of these vendors know that their relationship with you has a "best before date" which is about eighteen to twenty-four months. At that point, if you're like many businesses, you'll probably start questioning the marketing value you've received.

Maybe that's why you are here?

Your brand feels flat and lifeless... your website isn't delivering what you need... you can't be found on Google... you feel like you got ripped off and you have to start at square one all over again. FUCKITY-FUCK-FUCK!  You're more frustrated and lost than the last time you dealt with this.

Maybe digital marketing isn't for you?

You've done it tall; Blogging, Google Ads, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Your products and services are first-rate, and your customer testimonials kick ass, but you just don't seem to be getting the marketplace traction that you need.

You want results, and you expect your marketing partner to get you moving towards your destination, and not simply to drive in circles until you figure out you're not getting anywhere.

At City Sidewalk, we craft a custom marketing strategy for your business that functions like a flexible map, with your business goals being waypoints along the route towards the ultimate destination. The road will have twists and turns, bumps, and potholes, roadside attractions to be explored, and magnificent viewpoints to be marvelled at, but the various challenges and opportunities presented will always be a part of the larger journey.

Every business is different, so the route you take and the tactics employed are specific to your goals, timelines, and resources. Far too many consultants try to squeeze every client into the same marketing vehicle, which is why many businesses wind up lost or broken down in the middle of "Butt Crack Nowhere".

What is the purpose of your Marketing?

Your marketing should not focus on you or the products and services you sell. Your marketing should be about how you help eliminate your customers' pain.

Your customers don't give a shit about you or the products and services you offer. They don't care about your flashy new website or how sexy your logo is. All they care about is themselves and whether you can eliminate whatever pain they might be experiencing. You do that, you win. You do that consistently, you kick your competition to the curb.

What's Causing You Pain?

Maybe it's a lack of quality leads? ...want to increase conversions? ...maximize your brand's visibility? ...improve your Google rankings? ...produce more and better content? ...engage with your audience better? ...craft a comprehensive marketing strategy? ...kick the competition's ass? ...something else?

Whatever it is, we all measure value the same way; the price we pay to eliminate the pain.

It's why you're here, isn't it?

What do you want from City Sidewalk?

A new website?  A new logo? A marketing strategy? Graphic design services? Social Media engagement? Search Engine Optimization?

Whatever you want, you're probably wrong. What you really want is peace of mind.

It's why you'll hire us, and it's what you'll get.

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