Getting your business to stand out, be memorable, generate leads, and stay relevant, is really fucking difficult.

With 25+ years of design, branding, and marketing experience, plus a little luck, City Sidewalk's strategic visioning and thought leadership will make it easier.

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You might not always like working with us, at times you'll probably hate us, but you'll love the results, and any pain you experience will be less than if we were working for one of your competitors.


The BDC's Top 3 Canadian entrepreneurial  industries  are Retail, Construction, and  Professional  Services.

To be effective your online strategy needs to integrate with your overall business.

$56 Billion

of eCommerce retail sales are expected in Canada by 2020

Strategic Planning
Sales & Marketing
Human Resources


An aenemic 8.5% of Canadian SMEs with a website offer valuable features like registration, or online payments.

Canada's 1.1 Million small and mid sized businesses provide 90% of all private sector jobs.

46.4% of Canadian SMEs still don't have a website.




of new businesses will fail before

Year 5

1 out of every 2 will have  to close their doors within 10 years of opening.

B2B and B2C consumers who bought from a website in 2019


The number of Canadians who started a business in 2018.


We aren't typcial.



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