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Attribution and donations appreciated.

WTF… Free Images?

We know how It can be hard to find unique imagery for your web project. Ever see an image you’ve chosen from Shutterstock etc. show up on your competitor’s site? It sucks, and if you’re a designer then you know how your client will react and who they’ll blame.

We’ve got about 50,000 images and are planning to release a few thousand over the next year.

We’re asking for a $1 donation per image that will be split between our local food bank and an animal rescue program one of our clients is actively involved with.

We’d also love a link back with attribution. Getting some extra Google link juice never hurts.

If you choose to take the images and not support needy humans and animals the guilt will be soul crushing; Karma’s a bitch.

<a href="">Photograph by City Sidewalk</a>

Most images will be posted at 1920×1080 and creatively edited however we see fit. They are, after all, part of our creative production process.

If you see something you like but it’s not quite perfect, hit is up. We’d be happy (for a nominal fee) to go through our library and find similar shots of the same item, location, etc. We can then Dropbox you appropriate resolutions with or without effects applied.

If you’d like to get the scoop on new images that we release please subscribe below. We promise not to harass you for anything, unless we need a liver, kidney or bone marrow donor.

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