Marketing your business is a big fucking challenge.

If you can't be found on Google, don't post regularly to Facebook or Instagram, and don't create a shit-ton of content that engages your audience, fills your marketing funnels, drives leads, and converts clicks into customers, then you're fucked.

While these basics are sobering, businesses owners are more concerned with the fact that many designers, developers, and digital marketers are taking advantage by feeding them spoonfuls of glitter coated bullshit that never result in any of their sparkly business dreams or expectations, coming true.

If the taste of a bad experience is still lingering on your tongue then maybe it's time to freshen things up by talking with someone from City Sidewalk?

You might think we're just another opportunistic company ready, willing, and able to leverage your past disappointment and desperation into making another bad decision. We aren't, but if we were, we'd lie and say we aren't, so you might want to go watch some cat videos on YouTube until you can figure mind fuck of a problem out a bit more.

You might have noticed that we swear occasionally? If that has you assuming we are illiterate, beer swilling, inbreds then you may want to check out the established research on the link between profanity and intelligence.

You may not like it (the profanity), or our desire to tell you the truth about things (regardless of how painful), or that we have two pitbull mascots that occasionally attend meetings, but you might appreciate that we take responsibility for our actions, your business outcomes (with regards to our work), and any of the promises that we make.

You may even be pleasantly surprised that the size of your wallet isn't why we might choose to jump into bed and help satisfy your needs (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Ultimately, you may not want to work with us, but you sure as fuck don't want us working for your competition.

Give us a call before they do, if we choose not to work with each other we'll make sure to leave you some breath mints or spearmint gum; chances are you're going to need them sooner rather or later.