What Makes Us Different?

Honestly… not much.

The vast majority of design firms who provide web, digital strategy and online marketing services will try to convince you that they’re dramatically different.

They may impress you with how many staff they have, how many projects they’ve launched, and how their office dog is a part of their team.

They’ll discuss how active and influential they are in various ways, and how their focus and passion translate into client success.

Partner badges will be prominently displayed as 3rd Party proof, and they’ll make sure you’re reminded that they are an award winning firm.

They won’t ruffle any feathers, and they’ll try to calm whatever fears you might have about choosing them as your next marketing partner.

They know exactly what you’re hoping to find, what you’re wanting to hear, and what will hopefully make you choose them.

Aren’t those almost the identical marketing tactics and messages that convinced you that your existing partner was the right choice? What Happend?

Instead of looking for more of the same, perhaps what you need to find is a firm who is prepared to tell you what you don’t want to hear; even if that means risking you walking away and taking your wallet with you.

They won’t be cheap, and will expect fair compensation for their efforts, experience, opinions and expertise.

You may find that what they charge is more than you were expecting. Deep down you’re ok with that because you want it done right this time and understand that it’s never cheaper if you have to do it all again in a couple of years.

As you get to know one of these types of firms you’ll realize that they’re motivated less by the dollar figure than by helping you achieve business success. They’ll show you that a true partner shares the risk, the responsibility, and the rewards.

You won’t end up hiring a firm like this because you were able to check off all the little boxes on your list, you’ll hire a firm like this because they have a checklist of their own, and they are selective about who they work with.

You have standards too right?

There are thousands of design and marketing firms offering the kinds of services you’re currently looking for but they aren’t all equal.

99% of them may seem very similar, but keep in mind the fact that Chimpanzees share 99% of their DNA with Humans.

The results?
Not the same at all.

A 1% difference can result in your digital strategy evolving and walking upright vs. dragging its knuckles, eating lice and playing with its own crap. Evolved? Not so much.

Invite City Sidewalk to sit down and have a talk about what you’re hoping and trying to achieve with your business in today’s digital environment. We’ll listen, ask a whole bunch of questions, listen some more, and give you some honest advice and opinions.

If you feel that your time was wasted, we’ll leave you a crisp $50 for the opportunity and for your time. It won’t cover much, but it will buy a big bag of bananas. You never know when bananas might be the currency you need.

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“If you don’t have the time or money to do it right, when will you have the time or money to do it over?”

~ Da Big Cheeze

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