Let's face it

Marketing is fucking difficult.

We craft rockstar strategies and tactical plans so your business commands attention.

We challenge the status quo, rock the boat, break the rules, disturb the peace, run amok, challenge assumptions, and question pretty much fucking everything.

We aren't like other marketing firms.

Imagine for a second

A visitor found your website.

Who are they, and what do they need? Where along their journey are they, and how can you help them solve problems? What value do you provide so they want to come back? How can you keep them actively engaged? What are you promoting that shows your leadership, understanding, and authority? What interactions, metrics, and goals are you tracking?  What do you want them to do on your site? What about after they've left? What are you measuring? How will you do better next time? What is your definition of success? How will you know when you've arrived at where you want to be?

What does your website do for your business?

What value does your marketing provide?

Think you should be doing better?

Are you're missing out?

Maybe it's time you find out?

The reality is

Many agencies take advantage of widespread client ignorance.

It's not your fault; you just don't know, what you don't know.

This usually means your're paying a premium for low quality results, and missing opportunities to achieve a higher ROI for your marketing and online investment.

City Sidewalk's attitude and approach is a bit different than most other marketing professionals, and digital strategists.

We make no apologies for our confidence and brash style. We've earned every scar, and know how to win the fights that matter.

You're here because you're not getting what you expect and need from your existing partners, or internal resources.

We make no promises, except one.

You will always get the best bullshit-free advice based on our 25 years of branding and rebranding expertise, enterprise level marketing, and online business strategy experience.


Being an upfront, no filter kind of company means that we don't appeal to everyone.

You won't always like us. At times you'll probably even hate us. But, the results will be worth whatever pains you'll go through.

Know this, whatever we put you through won't be as bad as what you'll experience if your competition contacts us first.

If you've got the stones, pick up the phone.


Call us before your competitors do.