Why You'll Hire Us

We've been on enough first dates to know that you didn't come here to listen to us talk about what we've done for other clients.

  • How are we different?
  • Why should you trust us?
  • What can we do for you?
  • Why give us your money?

Let's cut through the bullshit and get straight to the point. You're here because whoever you've worked with didn't deliver what your business needs. Nothing's been solved, and you never got what you expected, or were promised. It's not your first rodeo, and you're tired of the games being played.

Marketing is f*cking difficult.

Your typical 'Marketing Professional' is a big part of the problem. The inexperienced don't know what the fuck marketing is supposed to do in the first place, and simply try to yell louder than your competition.

Others professionals know better, but focus on what delivers the biggest profits for them, at the expense of your long-term success.

Both groups know that your account, and the relationship have an 18 to 24 'best before' date. At that point, customers usually get fed up and start looking for another marketing partner. They struggle to maintain long-term relationships because the marketing foundation is digital Jello.

You usually end up buying a variety of aesthetic and graphic design services that are used to get new business, or submitted to meaningless design contests to perpetuate the myth that an 'award winning agency' actually matters to your bottom line. Almost everybody who submits, wins.

Marketing is not about the products or services you sell, marketing is your promise to eliminate customer pain.

Customers don't give a shit about you, the products and services you're selling, or how flashy your website or Instagram feed is.

All they care about is eliminating the pain they are experiencing.

Your pain might be a lack of quality leads, low conversion rates, brand invisibility, poor search rankings, shitty content, an overabundance of inexperience, no defined strategy, too much competition, not enough, etc.

Regardless, we all measure value the same way; the price we pay to eliminate the pain we are wanting eliminated. 

It's why you're here, isn't it?

What do you want to buy?

A new website?  A sexy new logo? A digital marketing strategy? Graphic design services? Social Media engagement? Search Engine Optimization? 

You're delusional, what you want to buy is peace of mind.

It's why you'll hire us.  

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