Small businesses come to us for three things.

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What they leave with is Peace of Mind.

What can we do for you?

What we’re all about.

When cities installed sidewalks they made it easier for people to get to where they needed to go; quick, efficient, effective.

Branding, marketing and customer engagement were not yet defined, and most buying decisions were made by need, not desire. Businesses took a long time to fully capitalize on what sidewalks offered.

City sidewalks allowed small business owners the opportunity to market directly to all who walked by. Window shopping capitalized on a consumer’s emotional centre and instilled feelings of desire.

Sidewalks changed business marketing and retail buying forever.

At City Sidewalk we take a digital approach to increase the opportunities for your small business; we understand the trust you put into our hands, we know what hard work means and we take personal responsibility seriously.

Call us at 604.670.2489 to take the first step.

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If you aren't sure whether you need help to market your business more effectively then you've got nothing to lose by giving us a call. We offer one hour of free consulting that will help you understand where you are, what might be possible, and an idea of how you might get there.

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