We are currently looking to develop a variety of online courses to help small businesses make marketing less f*cking difficult.

Over the years we've amassed our own list of questions that clients are regularly challenged by, but we want an avalanche of input from small business who are fed up of feeling overwhelmed by all the things that need to happen for marketing to be effective.

If you have questions related to digital strategy, marketing, branding, or anything else affecting the growth and prosperity of your small business take 5 minutes and fill in the attached form.

This is about compiling common challenges facing small businesses, just like yours.

We may address some of these things directly in blog posts, on our Facebook page, or directly via email if it seems like its a critical thing we can help with in under 5 minutes.

Your feedback is private and confidential. We promise that we won't spam the shit out of you with sketchy get rich quick schemes or promises of discounted Viagra.

This is purely an effort to gather as much input from small businesses as quickly as possible, so we can develop cheap, maybe even FREE courses that make marketing your business LESS f*ucking difficult.